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Strange Account Trouble

Hello, I have an account with a character named Charles Heathcliffe, a Naval Officer for GB on the Antiqua server. I recently reinstalled the game, and I've had some strange problems getting back in.

I have two emails, and only one has any trace of being connected to an account. I scrolled through my gmail and found that my "username" which I had totally forgot was {Username removed}. I hence logged in successfully, yet there was one problem. The character was in fact my super old account, under the name "Jack Hammond". Not my newer account which has Charles Heathcliffe on it.

Strangely, I can't find any trace that Charles Heathcliffe exists. I know it must be a different account, under a different username. Yet I can't find it.

Is it possible anyone could somehow look up Charles Heathcliffe, the British Naval Officer on Antigua and simply find the username and email associated with that account? This is a really strange problem for me.
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