Port Flip Attacker/Defender Greifing

Can someone explain when is greifing allowed in a port flip and by what sides. I saw a post earlier on this but am unable to locate it.


  • After many such posts, it was decided that griefing IS a legitimate tactic for a port defense.
    Just griefing when there is no attack / defense going on hasn't been disallowed, but yeah, thats a pain.
    Griefing would be allowed by either side in a port flip, to either break the patrol, or the sit group.
    Basically griefing still puts you at risk, and in a red zone, you are fair game, so its pretty much tough i guess.
    The Reapers
  • Griefing should be bannable...

    There is a lot that SHOULD be bannable in players opinions, but isn't according to Portalus.
    Griefing is one of those touchy areas, whereby as its in defense of a port (or attack), then its pretty much a free for all (as in any red zone). Its part of the game, and many a time whilst griefing, it has gone horribly south, so as at much risk as anyone. If 6 people jump into a battle, cos they have autojoin on, more fool them... you cant counter a grief that way. I've seen griefing where we attempted a split, for it to go pear shaped, and we got countered, and lost both battles. Depends on how good you really are i guess.
    The Reapers
  • The only players who think griefing while flipping should be bannable are the ones who have not yet learned how to use it to their own advantage or how to fight it. As Mohag points out whatever happends in red while defending or atacking a port is nothing but another event of war, and war , for anybody who has not realized it yet, is not nice, nor fair, nor has to be conducted only how I like it. When going to try to take a port from someone, be ready for anything and everything; you are gearing up to inflict pain to the enemy by any means available, and enemy will try to repay your attentions in the same way.
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