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How / Where To Find A Lumberjack?

As a British free trader I did the warehouse and lumber yard quest I saw that that the free lumberyard was limited in labor, etc., so I demolished it and went to build a "regular" one. According to the recipe, though, I need a lumberjack. I can't find anything about where or how to procure one. Did the free "starter" lumberyard have one, or produce one, and did I lose it and the ability to gain one by dismantling it? I'm stuck now, unable to build. Can anyone help?


  • ask in your nation, or type "lumberjack" into the Auction House search bar. If you are on antigua, whitby is usually a reliable place for such things.
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  • You can buy one from an NPC at the Orangestad AH as long as your Dutch rep is at least indifferent.
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  • There is also a Freetrader skill, that allows you to see all available Auction House (AH) listings across the entire caribbean. If you are a different class, or do not learn the skill from your FT Trainer, you will be limited to only seeing local listings in nearby ports. The skill is a must-have if you plan to focus on Econ, especially if you need to purchase more supplies through the Auction House.
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    you can find a lumberjack here:
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