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Can't login...

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for whatever reason. Username and password are correct (typed incorrectly, as a test and it notified me they were wrong). Select Roberts server, as I'm in the UK. Just sits there loading, has been like it for a good 15 minutes now. I don't use a Firewall (if you're going to get hacked, you will regardless and I'm not stupid enough to download dodgy things anyhow) and Windows Defender is disabled (see previous bracketed comment).

Alt-tabbed back and it's frozen-up. Had to Alt-F4 to close. This is the third time I've tried in the last hour, doesn't ever seem to login.


  • same happends to me, I havent been able to log in for the past 2 hours
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    Guy's the roberts server has been hit hard today , it startet with some pretty tough lag and ended up with the server not responding and long loadtimes, and atm login for roberts is not working, tiggy is ok though

    Portalus plz unplug the usb stick.. errr sry reset your data center i mean.. and fix your bloody gam
  • Ah, so it's not just me. That's good (in a way).

    First time I decided to login for years and instantly couldn't. A sign perhaps? Who knows.

    Looks like I'll occupy myself with something else for time being then. Thanks for the replies.
  • Thanks for the official post. Figured something was up server-side.

    Feel free to lock/delete or whatever you do to closed topics.
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