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Reopen structure

Hi everyone,

after a few years of not playing POTBS I logged into some of my accounts today to have a look at POTBS again.
So I logged into my old main acc, a british FT who had structures in Cayo back from the time when the french soc SALIGAUDS had dropped the taxes for british to 2.5% or something like that, so he had 2 master shipyards and some minor buildings in Cayo.
But none of those buildings I can reopen. The button in the upper right corner is just not there. I tried a few other accounts and they all had that button to get into the "management window". Only my british FT in Cayo doesnt have it. Is it no longer possible to have structures in enemy harbours? And if so, how am I supposed to demolish them, if I can´t manage to get into the menu?

Thanks in advance.


  • KasparKKasparK (Forum Administrator)
    Sounds weird, never experienced or heard about that before.
    As it is a specific account having the issue but not others - I'd guess it is a CS matter.


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  • Hi KasparK,

    thanks for your advice. Funny thing is. I just logged in again and everything worked fine again. I restarted the client and even the computer several times when the problem occured but it didn´t help.
    But now it seems to work fine again,
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