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Assembly yards

edited June 2017 in Game Help
Hello, i can't find the assembly yards in the master draughtsman's office, i have the recipe. Is this structure got removed but still in help and recipe lootable but can't get crafted? Is there a structure that replace it?


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    Also i would like to know if anyone have answer, what the best between Bakery, Dairy, Provisioner ? because there no details on the bakery and dairy, and they all have the same recipe i want to use.
  • When choosing between structures that use the same recipe, compare labor hours. Once your econ is up and running labor will be your short suit. With regards to the Assembly Yard, I don't believe it is in game any more. What are you trying to build?
  • I'm going to craft some bundle. Thanks for answer on assembly yard its what i thought but its still "in" the games from the recipe i looted and the help sections . . Could do everything with this structure but i guess its not possible anymore. And for bakery dairy, provisioner, i did two provisioner cause i can't get informations on the help tab on the bakery dairy. :/
  • I have the recipe to make assembly yards, but my master Draughtsman doesn't offer that option.
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