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Vengeance sword "Garethina Pikette"

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Hello what is this items please?
So before people start telling me its the vengeance from the "pit", no its not, liek you can see in the screenshot the vengeance don't have this long bugged name. I tryed to search about Garethina Pikette and couldn't find any information about this if it was a npc. And i'm asking because, someone, on the server where i play, put a buy order for it. And its said its a mission loot items so. If i can loot it i would be really happy to sell it. :)


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    (deleted) fail link
  • Jack O'ConnerJack O'Conner (Forum Moderator)
    I believe that's the template of the vengeance sword masking the actually Vengeance you can use and equip.
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    Its two different sword. One is the vengeance from the pit and the other i don't know but the name is like this, its not the other vengeance. And someone put a buy order for this precise sword. So i'm asking here to know because i would love to find it and sell it for the price he ask. 50Millions LOL.
    at least you can put a buy order for it in the auction so i believe you can find it somewhere.
  • There's a rare fighter in the pit known as Garenthina Pikette, that is her sword, and it is only usable by her, I'm guessing the devs forgot to mark it as unusable by the players, I've noticed this as well.
  • I really don't understand why someone put a 50millions buy order on this anyway. Thanks for this information i was thinking the same but still hoping could be loot. i guess not.
  • Oh, I certainly hoped it would be loot as well, when I discovered it, but alas it is not. Although it makes you wonder how many other non-playable items there are out there, ey?
  • There a lot i guess. There a test items in usable items. Something that require you key, a ketch and something else. Its have the appearance of a refit. lol.
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