Treasure Aisle FAQ - (Account Upgrades)

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Up to date from August 2017
Please read on if you plan to purchase some account upgrades from the Treasure Aisle

Well there has been an issue with the following items
  1. Nation Change
  2. Name Change
  3. Society name change
  4. Server Transfer
  5. Level 50 Advance Token
If you had purchased these and have consumed them and you do your bit in renaming if you have too and you relog and the change hasn't happened. Then it's because they are bugged.

Question:Why doesn't this work and have I wasted my money?"
Answer:No you haven't wasted your money. The reason is that the code has probably been broken somewhere and Fodderboy will need time to locate the error.

In the meantime you may contact Portalus Games at and you can just explain your issue and they will manually do the change for you.

I thought i'd post this since there are people still asking about this in game. I hope this sheads some light on the situation.
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