Society Warehouses

I know there has been this irritating issue about society warehouses not showing etc. But there are work arounds to fix this but doesn't always work:
  1. Jump inside a mission then jump out.
  2. Log off and close the game client and relaunch
  3. Leave the society and rejoin it
  4. Restart your computer (Strange I know)
I used to run a society once and I found a way to reduce the hidden warehouse bug so here is how I laid it out.

For example

"Warehouse 1" you want "Economy"players to withdraw from "Warehouse 1" You set the Default Warehouse Access to "Withdraw" on that specific role then set the warehouse access to "NO OVERRIDE"

"Warehouse 2" You want "New Recruits" to be able to deposit the stuff they do not need into the warehouse. You set the Default Warehouse Access to "Deposit" on that specific role and then set the warehouse access to "NO OVERRIDE"

With myself doing this, we only had a problem with seeing the warehouse once a week if we were lucky.

But i've also noticed something else as well.

"I know you can't before we get any smart and funny people intervene."

Say you had a warehouse in your national capital. It wouldn't show you the warehouse whilst you were on the dock, yet it would show you if you pressed "G" in a mission. My conclusion is that the code doesn't always detect that you are on the docks of "Warehouse 1" so Warehouse 1 does not show.

For the mission it would be "Mission: ****" is located in **** port so this player has ***** rights to view + access the warehouse so the player could see the warehouse.

"This is my conclusion anyway"

If anyone has any more fixes please comment them below! :)
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