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Server Transfer (Antigua and Roberts) "Updated"

Jack O'ConnerJack O'Conner (Forum Moderator)
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What is a Server Transfer and what does it do?

A server transfer is a token you can purchase with "10" Burning Sea Notes which result in 3000 Burning Sea Points. This unique item allows you to transfer over 1 character of your choosing. BUT for example, if the toon you want to transfer over is a "Pirate" and you want to go over to the "Spanish" this cannot be done. You will have to start a new character from scratch.

How long will this process take?

It could take up to 24 hours to get this transferred, but do not worry! All of your belongings on that toon such as Doubloons, Influence, Warehouse items and Ships (Deed form or in your dockyard). Basically everything you have on that toon gets transferred.

What do I have to do?

You do not need to do nothing. But from my experience I tend to email support@portalusgames.com so they know i'm waiting to be transferred and they can email you to log off the account so it can be transferred. (Check your emails) You MUST be offline for this process to take action.

What will happen to my society I created and what will happen to my friends list?

Unfortunately your society cannot get transferred and as soon as the process starts, your character will be kicked from the society as the process is being processed.
Your friends list will be wipe so any friends on your list will be removed (Same with the ignore list)

If there is a character named "Black Beard" on "**" server and you are on the opposite server, you will need to rename the character which will be included in the process of changing servers. You will have to give 3 alternate names just in case the first or second name has been taken.

I believe this has covered most grounds of what this feature does and what is needed.
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