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If you ever have a question about anything in game then the F1 tool can be very useful in many occasions. I have played for many years and I still summon it to check stuff out

You can use it to find some of the following
  • Statistics on ships.
  • Fitting Bonuses.
  • Career information.
  • Career skills.
  • Avatar Combat skills & information.
  • Even recipes for your economy needs.
  • Also to find what nation originally owned it before it's flip (RvR + PvP) based.
  • Port Resources (Economy) based .
You can find much more with the F1 tool.

In my opinion it can be very handy.

To use it just press the F1 key on your keyboard to bring the pop up window.
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  • I would not rely on the structure deed, and recipe information. Double check in your Nation's chat for verification on capabilities, costs, and labor times for recipe information.
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